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What do we mean by Bespoke Storage?

Bespoke storage is hand-made fitted furniture tailored to maximise storage in any room.

From fitted wardrobes and bookcases to TV cabinets, shelves and closets to under stair solutions.


No matter the size of space you have in your living room or lounge for built in Cupboards, we can create pieces which enhance the room , creating a fantastic space to relax and enjoy being in.

Create symmetry with fitted cupboards, TV cabinet, a bookcase, or drawers for a well thought out storage solution.

Your furniture can be designed in a range of styles, in classical design or perhaps something traditional.


For an extensive book collection, we can build you a fitted home library or built in library wall with areas for display space with lighting, creating an attractive bookcase design .

Your bookshelves can be made in a range of styles, a classical design or perhaps something modern painted in white for a simple clean look or in a wood, such as Oak bookcases for a luxurious feel.

Fitted wardrobes

bedrooms are perhaps the most sought after built in furniture requested. Why?

Probably because its where we spend a large chunk of our day.

creating the right wardrobe design built in to your room with an individual touch enhances and creates a lovely space to relax in.

flexible wardrobe storage solutions are endless with hanging rails or shelving, pull out trays, baskets, bins, tv stand or wardrobe drawers to replace a chest of drawers,.

Under stairs storage

Possibly the most over looked area of the house is under the stairs.

The void below a straight flight set of stairs opens the world to a new opportunity.

A place to put your shoes, somewhere to conceal a hidden toilet or maybe even a playhouse for the kids. The opportunities are endless if you have the imagination!

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