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Choosing the right type of door will affect how your home looks, feels and operates. Doors are the gateways not just into your house but all the individual rooms in the house, and getting the choice right can have a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of your environment.

Internal Doors – Types

Panel Doors

The most commonly used interior doors for residential buildings. They have square or rectangular patterns that can range from a single large panel, to eight or more small panels. The patterns can also include rounded tops and decorative finishes, as well as glass inserts to add extra glamour. Selecting a door from this category simply comes down to personal taste. Interior doors styles that are currently trending in new homes include: the three panel mission, five panel equal and standard whole panel door.

Sliding doors

Typically used in areas that have wide openings like a closet or wardrobe and slide from left to right on a track. Since they don't swing open you don't have to worry about placing furniture, but only half the opening is accessible at one time.

Bifold doors

By offering a small concertina-like effect, bifold doors allow both excellent, careful use of available space, and the means with which to create a large entry into a space.

French doors

These doors offer a dramatic focal point in your home. They hang on hinges located at each side of a wide door opening and swing toward each other, meeting at the centre. When both sides of the door are open, you have an unobstructed view. French doors come in a variety of styles and glass glazes to complement your home's décor.

Pocket doors

A pocket door is a door that is not set on hinges to swing open, but that slides in and out of a space hidden within the wall. Pocket doors come either as singles, which slide open and shut from either the left or the right, or double pocket doors, which slide together and meet in the middle from both the right and left sides.

Something to consider..

A great way to make passageways brighter and more appealing is to use interior doors with glass panels. Doors with glass panels ease the visual connection between rooms that don't have an open floor plan and allow for natural light. Using doors with wood glass panels, allow you to get creative with wood, glass and hardware to enhance your home's architectural style and make certain rooms in your home really stand out.

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